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Vetroresina Senio was founded in the early sixties. At the beginning, much of the production was dedicated to the making of small objects and coatings for the oenological industry.

Afterwards the company has increasingly specialized in working with fiberglass for the production of different types of products for the chemical industry, transportation, water treatment and the food industry.

With a factory of over 2000 square meters and the latest machinery, Vetroresina Senio produces and ships every day GRP products that are among the most popular in Italy.


“We have always believed and invested in working with fiberglass or GRP, both for its technical characteristics and versatility.”

Fiberglass is a thermosetting composite material, made of glass fiber (Fiberglass), impregnated with a two-component Polyester, Vinylester or Epoxy based resin.

Using such a ductile material like fiberglass, allows us to meet the different challenges that the market presents us.

Using resins certified for food and subjecting the tank to a heat treatment, allows the solvent migration, creating a product suitable for food.

We use high chemical resistance resins that allow us to make a product resistant to chemical and biological agents, a valid solution against anticorrosion.

The Glass Fiber used for the manufacturing of Fiberglass is a material that has a good degree of isolation, the resin-impregnated glass fiber ensures a good coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m °C 0.20 – 0.25.

Material Thermal Conductivity Coefficient W/m °C
Polyurethane 0,035
Mineral Wool 0,038
Cork 0,040
Wood 0,13
Fiberglass 0,20
Steel 22
Copper 386

Using conductive materials during the process allows us to obtain a product that complies with the ATEX 99/92/EC legislation.

This feature allows fiberglass to cope with the problem of galvanic currents, avoiding unwanted leakages that may occur in underground tanks.

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