Vetroresina Senio makes specific GRP fiberglass products for chemical applications, water treatment, food, transports and building.

Thanks to fiberglass, our products are characterized by particular qualities such as anticorrosion and non-toxicity for food preservation.
In addition we issue certifications for all finished products.


Vetroresina Senio provides the following certifications for all its products:

  • Visual
  • Hydraulics
  • Food
  • Materials used
  • Seismic and structural calculations
  • ATEX legislation

Our Products


We produce different types of fiberglass tanks according to their use.
Generally, the tanks are made of a first stratification of Glass C and MET, called Liner, soaked with a specific resin based on the kind of product the tank must contain.
The mechanical strength of the tank is obtained through the alternation of Mat and Woven Roving glass fiber, with the addition of both a parallel and a crossed Filament Winding.

Sedimentation Tanks

Sedimentation is one of the most common processes for the purification of water. This process works on a simple principle: solid substances suspended in the water eventually deposits at the bottom of the container because of gravity.

Towers for fume abatement

Towers for fume and dust abatement with Scrubber are structures used to prevent the emission of fumes and toxic substances from industrial installations. Their function is to purify and filter harmful fumes.


Fiberglass ponds suitable for gardens and courtyards, indicated for pets.
Lightweight structures, elegant and easy to install.

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