Dortmund type sludge sedimentation tanks


The fiberglass sludge sedimentation tanks of the Dortmund type are generally of a circular plan with a conical end and have a surge pipe with notched duct.

The sedimentation process starts with the entering of the sludge or sewage inside the surge pipe, then a slow process begins where the sludge deposits on the cone, while the rising of the water to the notched duct placed on the surface of the sedimentation tank allows a better filtering.

The walls of Dortmund sludge sedimentation tanks are very slanted to avoid the formation of sediments on the walls. In fact, the minimum inclination angle is 45°.

The diameters available for these sedimentation tanks are:
DN 4000, DN 3000, DN 2500, DN 2200, DN 2000, DN 1800, DN 1600, DN 1500, DN 1400, DN 1250, DN 1100, DN 950.

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